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Film of the Week: Beau Travail

As Claire Denis’ two new films await release, we look back at Beau Travail, her blistering post-colonialist deconstruction of masculininity.

Film of the Week: Men

Director Alex Garland and star Jessie Buckley call out the #NotAllRoryKinnears argument in this divisive, gnarly, feminist folk horror.

Film of the Week: Happening

The “quiet one” of French independent cinema’s 2021 surge, Audrey Diwan’s Happening is harrowing, important, and deserving of more fanfare.

Film of the Week: Petrov’s Flu

In light of world events, we look at Kirill Serebrennikov’s anti-Kremlin Russian parable—where a flu epidemic wrecks havoc on Yekaterinburg.

Film of the Week: Flee

An Afghan refugee’s story of how he arrived alone in Denmark aged 15 is told in Flee, Jonas Poher Rasmussen’s powerful animated documentary.

Film of the Week: The Humans

Walls groan, light bulbs detonate, figures stare in from outside windows. In Stephen Karam’s The Humans, home is a nightmare for the lonely.

Film of the Week: The Power of the Dog

Jane Campion’s return to film, The Power of the Dog, is a parable on masculinity and a deceptive thriller only felt long after it strikes.

Film of the Week: Drive My Car

A director and his driver, both wounded by grief, find solace in the processes of their work in Hamaguchi’s deft, masterful character study.

New Series of the Week: The White Lotus

The staff of a luxury Hawaiian resort come under siege by a bunch of “rich, f—ed up white people” in Mike White’s glorious social satire.

New Film of the Week: Zola

Janicza Bravo wants you to hear a story about how Zola and a “white bitch” fell out. It’s kind of long, but it’s full of suspense…

Film of the Week: Slalom

In Charlène Favier’s beautiful but endlessly horrifying feature debut, a teenage skiing prodigy is derailed by abuse from her coach.

New Film of the Week: Promising Young Woman

In Emerald Fennell’s vicious, prescient ‘MeToo’ revenge thriller, Carey Mulligan feigns intoxication to lure men into their worst instincts.

New Film of the Week: Sound of Metal

A heavy metal drummer struggles to find comfort in the silence after suddenly becoming deaf in Darius Marder’s assured, authentic debut.

Film of the Week: Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049’s soulful existentialism and technical mastery provide another compelling argument for a sequel outclassing a classic.

Film of the Week: Saint Frances

Saint Frances is the patron saint of good vibes and heartfelt comedy, in a topical, character driven tale of a nanny seeking an abortion.

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