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Film of the Week: Slalom

In Charlène Favier’s beautiful but endlessly horrifying feature debut, a teenage skiing prodigy is derailed by abuse from her coach.

New Film of the Week: Sound of Metal

A heavy metal drummer struggles to find comfort in the silence after suddenly becoming deaf in Darius Marder’s assured, authentic debut.

Film of the Week: Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049’s soulful existentialism and technical mastery provide another compelling argument for a sequel outclassing a classic.

Film of the Week: Saint Frances

Saint Frances is the patron saint of good vibes and heartfelt comedy, in a topical, character driven tale of a nanny seeking an abortion.

Film of the Week: Boy Erased

Tough but important, Joel Edgerton’s Boy Erased shows that horror isn’t just in how a film looks and feels, but how it makes you feel.

Film of the week: Reprise (Trier, 2006)

Joachim Trier’s debut film, Reprise, opens with best friends Phillip and Erik posting their manuscripts, both with the hope of getting...

Film of the week: The Goob (Myhill, 2014)

“Have a good life son, if you can get out of this shithole,” says the bus driver in the opening scene of The Goob, as 16 year old Goob...