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Film of the Week: The Power of the Dog

Jane Campion’s return to film, The Power of the Dog, is a parable on masculinity and a deceptive thriller only felt long after it strikes.

Film of the Week: Drive My Car

A director and his driver, both wounded by grief, find solace in the processes of their work in Hamaguchi’s deft, masterful character study.

An interview with Chrystee Pharris

Chrystee Pharris is an actor known for her work on Goliath, Scrubs, Monogamy, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and Passions. I spoke...

An Interview with Carter Glade

Carter Glade is an actor known for Freaky, Her Deadly Secret and American Animals. I spoke with Carter about his background in acting...

An Interview with Rita Tushingham

Having launched her career in the 1961 British New Wave film, A Taste of Honey, Rita Tushingham has starred in iconic films including,...

DP Sam Levy on Mayday

Karen Cinorre’s directorial feature debut, Mayday is a beautifully choregraphed fantasy-action tale of an alternate universe where an...

An Interview with Emmanuelle Chaulet

Emmanuelle Chaulet is an actor, director and founder of Emmanuelle Chaulet studio and creator of the Voice Dialogue Acting technique...

An Interview with Jenny Runacre

Jenny Runacre is an actor known for her work on films such as The Passenger, Husbands, Jubilee, and The Witches. Having starred in the...

New Series of the Week: The White Lotus

The staff of a luxury Hawaiian resort come under siege by a bunch of “rich, f—ed up white people” in Mike White’s glorious social satire.